SUPER Sushi Shefu (2013)

by b10b


  • Hand rolled a new platform engine for this game
  • Animation state machine
  • Developed with "awe6", the Haxe Inverted Game Framework.
  • Natively compiles to SWF, HTML5, WINDOWS, MAC, iOS, ANDROID.
  • FlashDevelop (IDE), Haxe 3 (Compiler), Photoshop (Art), Logic Pro (Music)
  • "Ironic Bloom" can be deactivated (right click)

Running Chrome? Play HTML5 version here.


    IT didn't used to be like this. SUSHI never used to come with a price in BLOOD ...

    Driven mad by radiated tuna, my former MASTER has turned his YANAGI-BA BLADE upon his apprentices. One by one, they've fallen into DARKNESS ...

    've travelled from ISLAND to ISLAND, searching for a place to call HOME. Searching for an end to the slaughter. I thought VANCOUVER ISLAND could be that place ...

    But even here, his henchmen find me ...


  • Producer / Design / Writer: Rob Petley-Jones (@robpetleyjones)
  • Design / Music / Animator: Brian Holt (@bholtbholt) I
  • llustration / Backgrounds: Sidney "Betty" Robertson (@batprice)
  • Developer / Producer / Sound: Rob Fell (@b10bgames)
  • Thanks to LevelUp!

The team did not know each other prior to this jam, and most of us had never developed a video game beforehand. So there 8D

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