Vancouver Island - Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary Scavenger Hunt

by Holobod : Hop

This is a augmented reality game that is best played outdoors and leverages my viewer that I created for Virtual Tours. I added new logic to the engine to handle keeping track of Points of Interest that have been visited, and an achievement upon completion that will eventually be able to be posted to Facebook for bragging rights.

The game is Session-Based for now, so if you close the browser or lose a connection you will lose the points you have visited. It also seems to work best in IE, but I know the engine itself supports Chrome/Safari/Firefox so one of the next "fluxes" to the game will be fixing whatever is stopping it from working nicely in the other browsers because who really wants to use IE?

This game is hosted on my server and as such will be in flux as I add new features and clean up the engine.

If you have ideas for location based games and do not want to create a whole engine yourself, feel free to contact me as this is just one test of a system that will go live soon. So the more content the better.

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