Dick's BIG MESS (2014)

by b10b

Dick has a big mess to clean up. 60 seconds ... start small ... end BIG!

Use touch, mouse, cursors, occulus rift - whatever - this game works EVERYWHERE from Desktop, iOS, Android, to WiiU and pals!

Direct URL:





We made this from scratch in 48 hours using Haxe + awe6 + createjs. The game pays homage to the awesome Katamari Damacy ... a game that makes even less sense than this one!

Go ahead, get cleaning up ... and if you get stuck just click, or tap, or take a run up ... Dick.

Comments ( 3 )

Dan Player McKinnon said: Well unfortunately it doesn't pass the Android Samsung Galaxy III test! The aspect ratio is wrong, it runs too slow, and the controls don't work. I find when trying to target multiple platforms with one-build systems never works quite right Subtle changes such as aspect ratio, touch-pad delay, configuration, and other features can really throw even the most robustly designed game for a loop. about 6 years ago
elouai said: It works fine on the desktop (Mac Chrome), its a fun little title, I just wanted it to scale once the ball got large. Otherwise very nice. about 6 years ago
b10b said: @Dan oops, I forgot to disable the debug renderer (hidden behind the scene) hence fps was ugly. The madness of Game Jams! Try again now (via direct URL) and it should clock 20+ fps even on low end devices like iOS Gen 3 Safari. More optimizations are possible (time allowing). Aspect ratio ... some letter boxing will occur ... try rotating your device - and then click the cog / menu and select fullscreen for best fit. about 6 years ago