by Perfect Wave Games

Lumberjerks is a realistic lumberjack simulator. Float around as a disembodied head and destroy your friends with a saw blade! Grow big when you attack, shrink when you are hit! Just like real life!

This game requires controllers. Xbox 360 or compatible recommended. Left stick moves. A jumps. You can double jump by pressing A again while in the air. Right and left bumpers rotate your blade. Line it up with the enemy and release to fire! You can also use your saw attack to move around the level.

When the title screen comes up push A on any controller to start. You'll have to listen to Drew's awesome theme for at least three seconds though!

Music and sound: Drew Harris (@grmnygrmny)

Programming: Brendan Leddy (@brendtron5000)

Art: Kert Saville (@KertSaville)

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