Bot Spank

by Sprakle


  • Engine: Unity3D

  • Art: Adobe Illustrator

  • Animation: Flash (exported to spritesheets)

  • Music: FL Studio


Ben Cracknell - Programmer

Brandon - Programmer

Cory - Artist

Kaleb Davis - Musician

Comments ( 3 )

Sprakle said: Healthbar is broken! We'll fix that as soon as Unity 4.6 comes out of beta. about 7 years ago
elouai said: Cool ... nice to finally play it in person, Good Job guys (This is Louie, I sat on the table near you guys) about 7 years ago
Dan Player McKinnon said: Feels nice, it's fun to watch them kill themselves after I die. If I may make a suggestion it would be to make the motions in the animation quite a bit more extreme and exagerated. If they stretch/squash it would add to the comical cartoon effect that the music and colours suggest. about 7 years ago