Able Bodied Pig Copter (Copter Pig)

by Digibody

engine: (HTML5) framework: impact js (

The code, game design and graphics were done by me (Louai Munajim) The music by The sound effects by (coin pickup, death)

To Play: spacebar Dont keep the spacebar held down, no, click and release (tap) the spacebar. Each time you click the spacebar, the pig flies in the opposite direction.

Goal was to create a 2 player game, each trying to reach the top first, if there is enough interest I will try to complete it. The level design was also incomplete and short but at least I got to polish a few things by Sunday 6pm

The italian music and the race in makeshift beanie copters with the lead character as a pig is a homage to the great Porco Rosso anime (by studio Ghibli)

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Dan Player McKinnon said: One of the cleanest! about 7 years ago
elouai said: Thanks :), did you post yours up yet? Will take a look. They really need to filter 2013 games and 2014 games. Easier to go through it all about 7 years ago