Humble Thuggin'

by Dan Player McKinnon

Warning: Mature Content 18+

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Keyboard Controls

  • W, A, S. D - Move
  • J - Punch / (select in menu)
  • K - Talk / Interact / (escape in menu)


Humble Thuggin' is about making a living on the street buying and selling contraband. It all starts when your homie hands you $20 for a dimer. Shoot, a dimer is only $10 around here, and so your empire begins...

Just when you think life is easy, an evil street gang called The Bluez descends on your position coming to stamp you out with fists, pistols and shotguns.

Be prepared and fight back!


  • Survive as long as you can as a dealer
  • Make as much money as you can
  • Enemies come out at night


  • Don't let your dealers die
  • Ammo is cheap


About The Development

Made in AS3 using FlashDevelop

Engine features developed during Orca Jam

  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Dialog Menus
  • 2.5D Z-Sorting
  • Collision Detection
  • Shadows
  • Speech bubbles

Game features developed during Orca Jam

  • Use Fists, Pistols, Shotgun
  • 4 directional animation
  • ~340 pixel drawings
  • Beautiful pixel art town
  • Day / night cycle
  • Trade contraband / ammo
  • Enemy waves at night increase in difficulty.
  • Sound FX

Comments ( 1 )

elouai said: Fun :), quite elaborate for a 2 day game jam session. Hats off to you sir. almost 7 years ago