Quarry Quandary

by Sense of Right Alliance


A two-player game where you must destroy statues to collect the most marble. Watch out for falling stalactites during earthquakes. Flick them at your opponent to make them lose their marbles!


Gamepad Controls

  • Movement: Left Thumbstick
  • Jump: A
  • Flick Straight: B
  • Flick Arc: Y

Keyboard Controls

Player 1

  • Movement/Jump: WASD
  • Flick Straight: Spacebar
  • Flick Arc: Left Shift

Player 2

  • Movement/Jump: Arrow Keys
  • Flick Straight: Right Control
  • Flick Arc: Right Shift


  • Nick Pettyjohn (Programming)
  • Mike Lyttle (Programming)
  • Diego Conquist (Art)
  • Lee Gauthier (Sound)

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