O.K. Nebula Corral

by Mark Bavis

O.K. Nebula Corral

A local multiplayer side scrolling cowboy space shoot-em-up with realistic planetary gravity. Jump between worlds, and curve your shots around bodies of mass to kill your opponents. Last man standing wins!


  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe AIR (controller support)
  • Box2D for physics


  • Install Adobe AIR runtime (Flash desktop environment)
  • Download Physics.air (AIR application installer)
  • Run Physics.air to install
  • Run Physics


  • Left Joystick: Walk
       (Relative to you, so if you are on the underside of a planet press left to walk right on screen, and vice versa)

  • A Button: Jump
       (You must be on mostly level ground to jump, but remember gravity always points to the center of planets! Watch for your cowboy to be in the idle pose to know you are standing on flat ground. A 'flat' line of terrain near the center of a planet may not have constant slope!)

  • Left Trigger: Use Jetpack
       (Must be in the air to use, and you have a limited amount of jetpack fuel, which recharges while you are waiting.)

  • Right Joystick: Aim
       (Aiming is screen relative, not player relative like walking.)

  • Right Trigger: Shoot Pistol
       (You have 20 shots, once you are empty, out comes the white flag! If everyone runs out of ammo your guns will all be returned.)

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