Dragon Depths

by A Buncha Noobs

Dragon Depths aims to follow both commonly used meanings of OrcaJam 2015's "Fathom" theme. It's a lighthearted maze game with a whimsical take on searching for enlightenment. You guide an oh-so-regal-and-serious water dragon through an aquatic maze in search for its pearl of wisdom (gender of the dragon is unknown - we didn't feel comfortable asking). When you find the (literal) pearl of wisdom, you are rewarded with a (figurative) pearl of wisdom for you to fathom. Oh, the depths this game goes to!

Dragon Depths was made in Unity3D, with all assets and code created by the team during the OrcaJam 2015 weekend. The game was created by:

  • Cameron Oltmann
  • Jessica Oltmann
  • Wayne Lastnamewitheld
  • Heidi Bada

Wayne has been to a game jam before, which made him our veteran. The rest of us were in completely uncharted territory. We had a lot of fun though!

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