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Your Data & You

Hi, this is Brett. I made BMO (the thing this game jam is powered by). I wanted to just let you know, as you sign up for an account, that I am not at all interested in collecting your personal data or information. Your "Display name" is simply so you can choose what you want to be referred to as. This could be your real name, a fake name, your username, anything really! You can include spaces, underscores, a bunch of asterisks and <3<3<3's.

Now I bet you might be thinking, "you want an email address now I am going to get a bunch of awful emails I already get a bunch of awful emails like I do from every online service ever why would I want more?!" I feel your pain, really. I hate getting lots of spammy emails from services. You will not get any emails from BMO (or me) unless you need to reset your password.

Speaking of passwords, your password is securely stored with encryption. You should be good to go, no worries. Probably do not use the password you always use for everything though, that is not such a great idea.

Lastly, once you create your account, you will have the option to add as little or as much information to your profile as you want. It is all totally optional.

Totally feel free to yell at me, thank me or ask any questions you may have. Thanks so much and have fun using BMO!